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Tape Data Recovery
Monday, December 29, 2008
Tape data recovery is the new age technology that helps us retrieve the corrupted or errored data. Important information is always stored in any reliable form. Tapes are one such form in which data can be stored for future retrieval. These tapes may be subjected to wide kinds of harsh environments. Excessive heat or contact with water, failure or mishandling of cartridge or even age can detiorate the valuable information stored in the tape format and in such cases the information is often hampered or worst lost.

Technology now is so very handy that it can help us retrieve this corrupted or errored data from the source tape and make it very close to the original. There are circumstances when we have to look back at the information that we stored in tapes for references. Many data processing works and files are stored in tapes. When we look for the same information again, we find that data is either blurred or hard to follow. This is the time when we need to clean the existing data and make it accessible and useful, that?s what data recovery does.

Tape data recovery can be done in two ways: Physical data recovery and logical data recovery. The former method is followed when the tape is subjected to material loss such as cracked or broken reels, folded or twisted tapes or deposits of mud. The logical data recovery is comparatively hard wherein data is recovered from tapes that are overwritten or blurred due to continuous usage.

The data recovery process starts with primarily creating a raw image of the data on action front tape or drive media then the physical recovery starts with cleaning the tape, splicing it and respooling it .The logical recovery involves the low level logical segmentation of the tape and assessing the data therein by sampling the present data it is refurnished through software and in places where the data loss is huge dummy blocks are set. Tape data recovery helps us make spoiled tapes into new, useful ones.

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Data Recovery specialist to find Your Lost Files
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You have fear to lose your data in the your computer when you work?

Many people not gives importance at the hard drive crashing caused by viruses, human error or power surges, and however it not think that something will go wrong.

With the progress of the memory capacity, the floppy disk data store are not more sufficient, many large companies have important data stored on the computer and have needs of a large space, therefore there is an high risk to lose the data.

This failure to access the hard drive could be caused from damage to the file system or through physical failure that it have occurred to the hard drive.

When if the system BIOS does not detect the presence of the hard drive, then chances are a physical failure has occurred.

Also when the BIOS does not detect the presence of the disk drive, then there is the possibility that your hard disk are damage.

Most physical damage to hard drives cannot be repaired by end users, but fortunately, today's computers are devices powerful that can find the solution to prevent and to resolve these problems.

Most machine today are equipped of an recovery system that make a back up of data saving the you work while you are working.

This can be helpful in providing you with the necessary help you need in finding files that are just lost.

Determine what has happened and it controls if there are some error message, and make a backup of your data is an important security nowadays.

If this solution cannot find your data and recycle bin on the your desktop or laptop computer, there are a several data recovery companies that recover files of all sizes when your original data disappear.

These companies are able to restore your critical files quickly and easily, such as USB jump drives, Digital camera memory cards, CD, DVD, and much more.

They uses the latest tools like magnetometers to retrieve the lost bits from the magnetic media and they help many people or companies that they has been hit from one unexpected breakdown of the their calculator.

The extracted raw bits retrieved from the damaged disk are used to rebuild a disk image, which can then be mounted to have its logical damage repaired.

If you want to find data recovery companies to make analyze your problem, look over the World Wide Web, many of these companies to works via internet.

Normally, the time to recovery is about 2-4 days for logical issues and 5-10 days for physical issues

The estimated cost of the services changes from the company chosen and from the type of data recovery of which you can have need, therefore you can have return your hard drive without charging for their services if they are unable to deliver your compromised files.

Nicola Deiana works in software development since 2000s, with emphasis on software requirements and development methodology. He is the author of, a popular site for lovers of the technology.

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Mac data recovery software to help your pc machine
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There is many people that has some traumatic experience with loss of data on Pc Mac and once be presumed that data has been lost forever in most cases has urgently need of data recovery help.

Valuable data should be protected from impending harm caused from damage to the file system or through physical failure.

what business you work for, the most important step in keeping data safe from being deleted, lost or damaged is to back-up regularly.

If You have fear to lose your data from your pc when you work, there are more Mac data recovery software, that scan your hard disk and provides to recovers data from a disk crash caused for example from an electronic failure, or accidentally Deleted Data.

valuable data should be protected from impending harm caused by viruses, hackers, power surges, human error, natural disasters and more.

An Mac data recovery software Provides partition recovery from deleted partition or formatted logical volumes and it recover lost directories and sub-directories.

Users will still have a upgrade copy of all important data, like files, emails, databases, much more.

Many data recovery software includes Multi-Disk Drive support on all IDE, EIDE and SCSI disk devices.

The estimated cost of the software changes from the company, is however important to choose a good software house where to buy your Mac data recovery

Nicola Deiana works in software development since 2000s, with emphasis on software requirements and development methodology. He is the author of, a popular site for lovers of the technology.

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How To Do Data Recovery, Data Security, Data Backup The Right Way
Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One of the most frightening things that can happen to a person is to lose the data off of their hard drive. Many of us store personal and business information on our computers. The thought of losing data due to a crashed or failed hard drive or perhaps a breach of data security sends chills down the spine of every grown man and woman. Once you except that you did not back up your data you need begin the data recovery process.

What exactly are your data recovery options once your hard drive crashes? First of all, stop using the computer immediately. It is not suggested that you run any data recovery software that came with your computer as this software can overwrite the original files. The next step is to allow a hard disk recovery company to restore your pertinent files. Contact a reputable company immediately. There are a few companies who come right to your home, but at-home data recovery computer services charge more. Certain computer files, such as DWG files (a complex graphics file format), require a specialist in order to be recovered. If there is damage to the hard drive you may not be able to recover your files. A hard drive crashing is an instance where data recovery is possible. If your data security is breached you may never recover what is stolen.

The best way to avoid compromised data security is to put safeguards in place. A few data security measures are encryption, antivirus and firewall protection. Data security such as encryption translates data into a secret code. To read an encrypted file you must have access to the key or password that enables you to decrypt it. There are many software programs and services that provide data encryption services depending on your data security needs. Additional data security measures such as antivirus and firewall protection provide further data protection. Some software programs have the ability to provide both antivirus and firewall protection for overall data security.

One way to avoid the mess of data recovery is to perform regular backups. Basic computer maintenance includes full and incremental backups. It is recommended that you perform a full backup once a week. An incremental backup is a backup that backs up only the files modified since the last backup and depending on your needs you can schedule this to run every day. It?s also beneficial if you have a copy of your data offsite. When you need to access this data you can either open the offsite data program and run it, or log on via the web to access your data. You will want to check with your service provider how to perform data recovery if needed.

Data recovery either from a crashed hard drive or lost through compromised data security can be a frustrating and devastating experience. The best situation is to avoid the loss of data all together. With regular computer backups and data security measures in place your computer data will remain where it needs to be, on your hard drive and easily accessible.

Some people balk at the cost of protecting their data, as well as the time involved in doing secure backups. But what they fail to consider is the cost of their lost personal and productivity time that is spent trying to recover data that could be recovered in literally MINUTES if they had properly safe-guarded the data in the first place! If your computer data files are the lifeblood of your business and/or personal life, the time and money involved in protecting that data adequately and properly cannot be determined by a dollar value.

Jon is a computer engineer who maintains many websites to pass along his knowledge and findings. You can read more about data recovery, data backup and data security at his web site at

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Emergency Data Recovery
Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Emergency data recovery is the process of retrieving deleted and inaccessible data from the hard drive of a PC or laptop. A hard drive may crash at any time due to logical or physical failures, which include software problems, computer viruses, and mechanical or electrical malfunctioning.

Emergency data recovery is possible because when a file is deleted, the operating system merely deletes the address or path of the file and treats the occupied space as free space. The file remains there until it is overwritten with new data. FAT (file allocation table) and MFT (master file table) contain details of all the files on the hard drive even after they are deleted by the operating system. Data recovery software looks into these tables and recovers the lost files.

It is important to follow standard emergency recovery guidelines to avoid further damage to the hard drive and other components. The first step is to shut down the computer, remove the hard drive and send it to a data recovery firm. There it is evaluated for cost and time of recovery and the client is informed of such within 24 hours. Upon approval of the client, the hard drive is cloned by making a sector-by-sector copy of the original drive. Lost or deleted data is then recovered using data recovery systems and software.

Freeware can also be used to recover lost data. It recovers lost data in four or five easy steps. Users just need to execute the recovery freeware and select the drive. The software recovers all files and folders from the drive and gives the option of transferring these files to another hard disk or other storage media.

To avoid the high cost of emergency recovery, it is important to create back up copies of important data onto a CDR or other storage media. Guidelines regarding hard drive protection and upkeep should be followed to prevent hard drive crashes or failures.

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