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How to Recover Data From Hard Drive - Best Data File Recovery Tips
Thursday, February 3, 2011

The hard drive or HDD is not the most vital part of a computer. But, once it got corrupted, inaccessible or damaged, the feeling will be more than losing the whole computer itself to any user. All precious videos, photos, favourite MP3's and important written works and documents can be lost in an instant. Keeping a backup is the utmost solution for data recovery. Important files must be saved in other means such as external drives, optical media or through online file storage facility.

In today's technology where everything is electronic and digital, everyone has faced or will face the same problem one way or the other. So, it is important to know what to do in case this problem happens.

Once the problem arises in the hard drive, it is better to stop writing on it. It might further create damage and important files might be overwritten. The best initial thing to do is identify if the damage is physical or logical.

It is a physical damage when it is a hard ware issue. Usually, the hard drive creates an unusual sound and or it is not being shown in the disk management. In this case, do not use any software to recover it. Instead, remove the disk and place it in a moisture-free bag. Then, freeze the hard drive for 24 hours. Place it back and if it works, transfer all the data to an external drive or a flash disk. However, if it does not, it is advisable to hire professional service to retrieve the files or junk the drive. One can also try to repair the drive by replacing it with healthy parts. Expect that in this type of problem, 44% of the data are lost and cannot be recovered.

Logical damage means that the files are deleted which may be caused by user error or by a virus. There are two initial options to retrieve files from this kind of damage. First is through chkdsk. This tool will try to find and repair problems concerning logical file system errors. Second is through system restore where the changes made after the saved and set restore point can be undone. If neither of these works, it is time to use a data recovery software.

There are a lot companies that offer help and software available in the market today. But, better to scrutinized or get a background check first from a technically inclined person to get better results. Remember that there is no guarantee that no data will be lost. But, being able to retrieve something is better than losing everything.

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