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Getting Your Lost Files Back With Data Recovery
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Power outage. Hard drive malfunction or reformatting. User error. Email viruses. These are all situations that can cause a computer to lose data. If you've ever experienced the increase in blood pressure and the feeling of despair associated with losing your important documents or treasured photographs, you'll be interested in learning how you just may be able to get those lose files back with data recovery.

Information can be lost from computers whether you are working on the hard drive, a floppy disk or a cd. It doesn't matter if you use a personal computer or a Macintosh. No one is safe from losing files, even if you are an expert computer user.

Often, your lost files can be recovered using one of the many data recovery software programs available for purchase. When you have experienced the devasting effects of losing a file or photograph, you will want to start by using one of these affordable data recovery programs. You can search through many quality listings on in order to find an affordable and reliable data recovery software program.

If you are unable to retrieve your lost files using a do-it-yourself software program, you may have to go with an alternate solution. There are a variety of companies available who will work on your computer, CD, DVD, or floppy disk in-house. This means you'll need to drop off or ship your computer or storage media to the company's offices and allow them to perform a variety of recovery services in hopes of being able to retrieve your lost files.

One of the best ways or recovering data is to prevent it from getting lost in the first place! It is smart to invest in an external media storage device in order to back up your important files, applications, and photographs. If you regularly back up your computer's files, you will have a much less devasting loss if something should happen to the hard drive of your computer. Another option is to use one of the many online storage companies. These organizations allow you to upload your information for off-site storage on servers not connected to your personal computer, so even if you lose everything in your PC, you can get everything you've stored back from the servers. Many of these advanced storage options will even automatically back up your files on a scheduled basis.

Unfortunately, not all files can be recovered, but a large percentage of lost files can be recovered with advanced data recovery techniques. Before you give up hope completely, try both a self-attempted data recovery technique with one of the software programs and hiring a reliable data recovery service. There is a strong chance that one of these methods will be able to recover the missing information.

Tony Warner writes for Data Recovery Space a website packed with advice about data recovery.

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Backup Strategy to Avoid Data Loss & Data Recovery
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You must have always come across the phrase ?Data Backup? when you talk about data loss. It?s not that we don?t understand its importance completely but just that we pay little less attention to it than required. Each day, we hear about several data loss incidences seeking data recovery software or data recovery services options. If you feel that your data is valuable, then why not keep it safe? Why not have a Backup strategy?

A concrete backup strategy is important to any recovery plan. The following are the main elements to a solid backup strategy:

Define what type of data needs to be backed up.

You create a variety of documents, customer databases, financial records, or employee records. Hence, by defining the order of importance of data, you should decide on what to backup.

Decide the Backup Media

You must know the storage media for backup. You may consider backup data to be stored from a computer to a rewritable CD or DVD, a network server, a USB key, or a ZIP disk.

Define the time limit you have available for backup.

You must know of the product that is reliable enough to perform the backup at the scheduled time. If you are a traveler and usually connect to the network remotely, then you must know of a backup strategy that covers your information accurately.

Decide the level of access to the information.

You must know the security requirements and concerns, and that your backup software ensures 100% data accuracy while restoring. You must also ensure that your backup software prevents unauthorized access to the information, through a password or a variety of encryption algorithms.

Define the schedule of backups

You must set the schedule of backups i.e. the frequency of backups needs to be determined. You must ensure that all the workstations (from where you need to backup the data) are ?On? at the time of performing backups. For remote workers, you must develop standard operating procedures.

Define the backup policies

You must decide when to perform a full system backup or incremental system backup. It is recommended to store the backed up data offsite i.e. you can keep your data in two different locations away from each other.

Work on the ease to backup the data

What if you have successfully performed the data backup but it takes time while restoring it? You must work on the set up where you can backup the data with one command. Agreed that it will take little more time and work but will be very useful when the system crashes.

Perform daily backups

You must ensure that there is less time between the two subsequent backups otherwise if there is longer period between backups, you may lose quite a lot of data.

If you do not understand the way to implement a backup strategy, you might have to check with the local expert.

Stellar a data recovery Software & service company provides range of data recovery software & data protection software. Stellar has recently launched a data backup software i.e. Stellar InstaBackup is very useful software for backing up and protecting valuable data. This software simplifies the process of data backup and is a powerful solution for both business and personal needs. It can also be used both in a networking environment and on a single machine. Although the software is easy to use, a number of advanced options such as Full / Incremental backups, strong File Encryption, and Zip Compression are also available. The software has a simple graphical user interface, requires no prior knowledge of data backup, and is a comprehensive data protection solution for all Windows File Systems.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

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Hard Disk Data Recovery: Your Data Isn't Always Gone
Thursday, September 18, 2008

The computer is much like a moody fiance. You never know how it would react. Sometimes it is just fine, running at high speed and following your every command. But there are those days when you just wonder what is wrong. And then there are hard drive crashes. Its sickening to even think of them. Have you seen someone whose hard drive has just crashed? You should because if you see, you would not want to be in his shoes. Suddenly at the stroke of a second, all data that you have stored over the months and years, all files are gone ? they are wiped and your slate goes clean. But there is something that is even more horrific that this. And that is a hard disk data recovery service.

That is because hard disk data recovery can become a really complex issue. But that is not the case always. Hard disk data recovery can be simple or complex, expensive or over-the-roof. It depends on exactly how your computer is screwed up. It can be as simple as the hard drive loading mechanism not working properly. Though it seems an innocent exercise, but the fact is, dozens of programs work at the back end to make your computer just boot. And if any one of them have developed errors or have fatally linked up, then it can crash your machine. In such cases, you will need to carry out hard disk data recovery. Such hard disk data recovery processes are so simple that expert help is also not needed. All you need is some simple information to guide you. And of course an extra hard drive. Just slave boot the hard drive to the replacement and begin to extract the data.

However normally, hard disk data recovery is much more complex than this. When a hard drive crashes, there are usually several solutions you can opt for. You can either go for a simple hard disk data recovery and recover as much data as is available. But in this method you have to hope a lot ? prey that the problem is not in an area where the most important files have been saved. But if the drive has been severely affected and simply ignores you when you want it to spin, or spins but causes further damage, then you have just one option really. Take it out and go to a drive doctor who will use sophisticated and expensive machinery to diagnose the problem. And when you do that, hard disk data recovery can send you behind by thousands of dollars.

If you're still wanting more information on how to recover data take the time to check out our website at Technology and Data Recovery

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European Data Recovery Companies Are Between Their Rich Rhymes And Poor Substance
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Often European forensic & data recovery specialists, use cheap sales tricks with claims that they have acquired/developed machines capable of reading the hdd platters inside damaged SATA RAID servers and conventional hard disk platters without changing the heads. Unfortunately this rhetoric is being repeated by few reputed companies. Little did they know, the US Pentagon has had since 9/11 a live advert on their website seeking clarifications on such "machines or technologies".

Only a month ago the US Pentagon have decided to cancel the ad as there was not a single reply for 5 years!!

Meanwhile, true advanced technological advancements are being accomplished by the newly established hardware industry in India and the Far-East, namely China. The technology is extremely intricate with the requirement for molecular technologies in addition to advanced materialogy science.

As an example - magnetic disk/platters is a circular aluminum disk, similar in shape to a normal cd or dvd, with surface coated with chrome oxide based coating with the sole exception of the read/write arm-head parking zone. In fact, high precision of disk surfaces and the heads causes them to "stick" to each other because of molecular attraction forces. To prevent that effect, manufacturers often use special laser serrations in the zone of contact between the heads and the platters.

The disks demonstrate specific magnetic properties owing to their coating of chrome oxide base (magnetically active substance) or cobalt layer applied using vacuum deposition. Such coating is characterized by robust hardness and greater wear resistance.

While, sales myths are circulating among data recovery sales representatives in the USA & Western Europe, advanced data recovery technologies have predominantly been emerging from the Far-East, the former Eastern Block countries & India.

Meanwhile, the new hardware industry developed in mainland China is expected to boom even further. This is due to the announcement that the investment in the hardware manufacturing industry will be tripled.

D Snagov Technician at UniRecovery Laboratory -

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hard drive data recovery services are companies that work to make sure that all of your sensitive data can be restored if your system ever crashes. They are a must for anyone doing important work on a computer or network of computers. Organizations and people value their computer data very much. Thus, preserving the data and its safety is given prime importance, as the loss of data may cause greater financial loss. This need has given rise to services called hard disk recovery services.

The hard disk recovery service provider helps in many situations, from installing the hard drive to restoring the data. They give customer service for technical inquiries, such as bad hard disks, or product failure and product exchange. They give advice for choosing a hard disk. They also give advice for choosing the hard disk recovery software or antivirus solutions.

Most of the companies give 24/7 service for the hard disk. They do annual maintenance contracts in which they check and provide service at regular intervals. The service providers also have websites though which the clients can send their queries. They also provide email or telephone support. Some offer onsite service.

In the case of problems of disk malfunction, their expert visits and tries to correct the problem. They try to repair the disk or recover the data. Most companies charge for the attempt, while some charge for the solution only.

The service provider must be trustworthy, as the data might be confidential in many cases. The organizations choose hard disk service providers by their credibility, expertise and past experience.

Hard Drive Recovery provides detailed information on Hard Drive Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery Experts, Hard Drive Recovery Software, Hard Drive Data Recovery Services and more. Hard Drive Recovery is affiliated with Hard Drive Data Recovery.

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