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How to Reformat Your Windows XP Computer
Friday, September 21, 2007

While still in Windows, place your XP disk into your disk drive (sometimes a window will appear, simply close this). Simply reboot (restart) your PC while the disk is still in your drive. Reboot your PC from your Windows Disk.After restarting your machine (a few seconds wait) you should be presented with this option: Press any key to boot from CD. Simply press any key and your on your way for a fresh install of Windows XP!. If you did not receive this message then your PC does not have your cd drive as the first boot-up option.

Simply restart your machine and enter BIOS (this is done by pressing a key when you machine makes that weird start up noise.) The key to press will be displayed on the monitor. After entering BIOS you are looking for start-up sequence or boot options - make sure the CD drive is selected first. Restart your PC and everything should be ok.

Click INSTALL WINDOWS, this gives you a fresh installation. You will be asked now if you wish to create a new partition. To begin with select the partition you already have and press D to delete. Press ENTER to confirm and then L to confirm deletion again. This process will now erase everything off your hard drive. If your copy of windows xp is damaged or lost then you will need to buy an official copy. For fantastic savings on all software and operating system software visit the free fix it computer store and pick up your copy of windows xp.

To carry on we need to create a new partition. Simply press C. Dont worry about the size of this partition, lets just get installing by pressing ENTER. Next, select the partition that we have just created by pressing ENTER. All we have to do now is select the first option available to us (format the partition by using the NTFS file system/Quick). Windows should now be installing and the screen in front of you will now look more familiar. Installation takes some minutes (depending on how powerful your PC is) so its a good time to get your product activation key ready. Your next task is to carefully enter your product activation key. This can be found in either your Windows XP manual or on the back of your PC case.

Select Typical network settings when prompted and then Windows will finish the installation. Windows will detect most of your hardware but you will still need most of your hardware installation disks to ensure a smooth install. This concludes the article on how to reformat your computer.

Debra a computer expert spends her time editing free fix it computer help.

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