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Data Recovery for Hard Drives and Other Formats
Friday, May 29, 2009

Data recovery of hard drives is an important part of any business and home anymore. The amount and the value of data on a computer is astronomical, and data recovery of hard drives is one of the major concerns of most businesses. It is estimated that $2-$3 billion each year is lost due to data that couldn't be recovered. However, data recovery on hard drive doesn't have to be very hard. As long as you are able to take a few precautions, know what to do, and have a good data recovery software, you might be able to save spending hundreds of dollars on a data recovery company.

The first thing to understand about the data recovery process is how your computer actually works when you delete any data. This is crucial to understanding why some data recovery on hard drives is successful and some isn't.

When you delete a file, it doesn't really just vanish from your computer. Instead, it is just removed from your view, and is labeled as 'deleted' . When you add something else to the hard drive, such as another new file, the previous one is overwritten. So there is a chance to recover the data that was deleted before any new data is added. Now it's important to understand that new data is being written almost all the time to your hard drive. So to have a better chance of a successful data recovery for hard drive, you should stop using the computer as soon as you discover that you've lost some data. Since the data is overwritten in the reverse order (that means that the latest deleted data is lost first), it is essential to stop right away. Then, before using a data recovery company, you should attempt using a data recovery software such as Recover Lost Files Quickly And Efficiently

If the data does seem to be lost for good, then you might need to call in for the professionals. Keep in mind that this will cost you anywhere from $100 or even thousands depending on the value of the data, and the level of work needed. You might lose data because of hard-disk damage, and then the cost could be even more. The data is much harder to recover in laptops, because of the smaller parts, but is doable, and has just barely lower success rate. About 75% of the data recovery for hard drives is successful.

Even when looking for a good company, you have to careful and spend some time finding the right company and the right price. Also, you can just ship over the hard-disk to them. When doing so, make sure that you package it in a manner so that it is completely protected from static. Static can destroy the hard disk really fast. If the hard-disk was exposed to water, try and get it to the company faster, as the data is recovered better before the hard-disk dries up.

Hope this information was helpful to you.

Having been involved with the computer hardware and software industry, the author is well aware of the different issues that many people face in the tech world and written much about it to help people. The best recommendation to aid with data recovery: Recover Lost Files Quickly And Efficiently

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User Guide for Data Recovery - Through Data Recovery Software
Friday, May 22, 2009

According to Murphy's Law of Data Loss, "The probabilities of a hard-disk crash increase with the number of days since the drive was last backed up." No hard disk drive is ever completely safe from crashing, and losing all the important data on it.

A disk drive can be damaged due to a number of causes such as virus attack, voltage glitches, software malfunction, hard disk format, accidental file/directory deletion, human error or even sabotage. Such events cause corruption or damage to the disk drive, and make the data completely inaccessible to the user.

Data Recovery comes into play when your storage stops responding to your request. This is the most critical time for your data and the impending problem with the hard drive. A wrong step can make your hard drive & data inaccessible for ever. First and foremost thing is Don't Panic!

Now check whether you have a physical failure or logical one. Normally in 80% of cases there is a logical failure. To know the type of failure you have hear whether any ticking sound is coming from the hard drive or not? If not that means that it is a logical failure and you can recover your data through data recovery software.

You can choose the data recovery software by searching on Google with keywords like data recovery software, hard drive recovery etc. While scanning different software product consider these factors:

See to this whether the software supports your systems hardware like RAM (Random Access Memory), Operating Systems (particular Window flavors, Unix, Linux, Solaris etc).You must check your RAM before installing the data recovery software, as these software uses recursive search operation which requires lots of virtual memory. For a fast recovery you have large size of virtual memory. I would recommend 256 MB or 1 GB would be best.

After selecting the software it's the turn of software Installation. NEVER means NEVER install the software on the same physical drive from where you have lost your data. As it may get over written and you will lose it for ever.

Always use a working computer with a drive having enough free space to store your recovered data.

Verify that the drive in the PC is connected on the Primary Channel as Master.
You can connect the drive as:
* Slave on the primary channel OR AS
* Master or Slave on the secondary channel

Note: You can take help of support executive in your office or your maintenance engineer if you are not comfortable in connecting the drives.

Attaching the Drive in to slave has three simple steps:
* Set the jumpers on the hard drive or CD ROM
* Plug and screw the drive in
* Boot the computer up and make sure the drive is detected

Let's take the example of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software
Run setup.exe from Stellar Phoenix software CDROM or diskette. If you have downloaded Stellar Phoenix from or a download engine, run the application setup.exe file from windows explorer to begin the installation process.

Note: Make sure you are logged in as administrator before initializing setup, as the software installation requires admin rights in Windows NT/2000/XP.

Setup starts to install the software, creates a desktop shortcut and creates an entry in program groups menu. The default path where software is installed is C:Program FilesStellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS 2.0Software creates an entry in Add Remove program group for uninstalling the software.

Here we came to the end of installation. Now you can perform the desired activity like recovering the complete partition, deleted files or repair the corrupted files.
In my next article I will guide you in recovering the Deleted files & folders by using
Stellar Phoenix Fat & NTFS - Data Recovery Software

A disk drive can be damaged due to a number of causes such as virus attack, voltage glitches, software malfunction, hard disk format, accidental file/directory deletion, human error or even sabotage. Such events cause corruption or damage to the disk drive, and make the data completely inaccessible to the user.

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