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Knowing Your Hard Drive - A Guide to Data Recovery
Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hard drives are usually reliable devices that store all your important files and data. Today?s Information Age runs on data, making the storage of such worth its weight in gold. However, no matter how evolved this technology has become, these media devices are still prone to serious errors that could result in the loss of invaluable data. Hard drives may crash or may develop logical errors.

Most data crashes occur when some physical or logical error is introduced into a system. Hard disks, CD-ROMs, Tape Drives and other storage media can and will fail eventually. This could be caused by a host reasons ? power outages, physical damage to media, head crashes, motor problems and the like.

Whatever the reason, you will need a means to restore all this data. This is especially true if for some reason the deleted, destroyed or corrupted data contains information that is not backed up or existing in any other location anyway.

You will also want to get your hard disk in running order again, if that is possible.

Signs and Symptoms to Look out For
Most hard disks show signs of croaking before completely crashing. Symptoms of an impending crash include frequent disk error messages, the disk not showing during start up, garbled information regarding the disk when analyzed, and weird clicking or whirring sounds.

If you notice any of these back up at all costs! This ensures that you at least have your data safe before anything untoward happens to your hard disk.

Some disks suddenly croak without a warning. You can, however, gauge and maintenance your hard disk by running a check disk utility to scan and repair logical errors. Bad sectors get marked too so data is no longer stored there.

Reasons for a Crash
Hard disks crash for various reasons. One of the more predictable offenders is unstable power supply. When there is a sudden power outage or sudden power surge, hard disks can take quite a pounding. Aside from physically damaging the disk, logical errors to the disk?s file system can be traced to this reason.

Logical errors for such happen when the disk suddenly loses power while it is writing critical information to the disk. Such errors can make the data on the disk unreadable unless the file system is corrected.

Viruses and malicious code can also be a cause for a crash, as well as the ill handling of a disk ? sudden shock, dropping, or magnetizing can seriously damage your hard disk.

What to do
If you hard disk does crash, the simplest thing to do is to go for your back ups. If the data you need is not backed up. You can try recovering the data yourself.

There are softwares available that can help recover your hard disk?s data and even make your hard disk usable again. These softwares try a low-level read and access of your hard disk and are usually able to at least recover some of the data.

Some software applications can recover deleted or corrupt data. They also are able to correct file system errors and logical errors that beset your hard disk.

But in the case of truly important data, like that of company data and others, you may want to employ the services of a data recovery expert. They have both the expertise and equipment to handle a problem like yours.

If you found those tips useful more information on Data Recovery can be found at "Data Recovery without heartache"

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4 Tips to Choosing a Data Recovery Company
Saturday, April 26, 2008

To a company, the loss of integral data can spell death to daily operations and can cause serious financial repercussions. It is therefore important that a company be always on the guard against the eventuality that a company?s IT hardware may fail or be lost.

Most data crashes occur when some physical or logical error is introduced into a system. Hard disks, CD-ROMs, Tape Drives and other storage media can and will fail eventually. This could be caused by a host reasons ? power outages, physical damage to media, head crashes, motor problems and the like.

Whatever the reason, you will need a means to restore all this data. This is especially true if for some reason the deleted, destroyed or corrupted data contains information that is not backed up or existing in any other location anyway.

Although many corporations have IT personnel and facilities to deal with such data failures, in extreme cases, it would be better to employ the services of a data recovery company. They are better equipped and have the expertise to handle these sorts of problems.

Here are a few tips to help any company in assessing a data recovery company to partner with.

1. Facilities ? When considering a data recovery company, always consider whether they have the right equipment and facilities to deal with your data recovery needs.

Many hard disk failures due to motor head crashes or other physical malfunctions in the disk will require that the disk be opened and possibly disassembled in the data recovery company?s laboratories. Hard disks are sensitive, precision instruments and cannot be opened and exposed to our normal environment. Dust and particles in normal environment can wreak havoc on any sensitive media an will result in your media suffering more damage than warranted ? further harming your chances of saving the data on the disks.

Ask around if the data recovery center has mechanical cleanrooms that are Class 100. You might want to inquire if they also possess integral equipment such as magnetometers to manually extract the bits from your media.

If they do not have these facilities, you may want to move on to another data recovery company.

2. Partnership ? While most people consider data recovery companies as walk in and walk out services, it would be prudent to invest in a relationship with a data recovery center that offers long-term services to its customers.

For example, some data recovery companies will offer training programs to help a company minimize the effects and causes of common data loss problems. They will also teach one?s IT department how to handle such situations so that recovery by the data company can be expedited.

There are also companies that will offer certifications to a company?s IT department to help solidify that company?s data management credentials.

3. Know Your Needs ? Not all data recovery needs are equal. Some companies specialize in optical media. Others specialize in magnetic media. While others are tops when handling tape storage.

You will first have to assess your needs before contacting a recovery company with your needs. Make sure the company you approach can sufficiently handle that situation for you.

4. Look for Expertise ? It may seem awkward, but it would be best if one were to ask about the qualifications of the engineers in a data recovery company. If they can roll out a wad of certifications and experience, one would be less inclined towards anxiety whether their data is in good hands.

If you found those tips useful more information on Data Recovery can be found at "Data Recovery without heartache"

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Forensic Data Recovery Software
Saturday, April 19, 2008

" No matter what ever is the computer crime, there will always be inculpating evidence. "

Computer Forensic will find it out!

Computer Forensics means use of legal argumentation in the case of evidence recovery or to prove a case in court against any theft of data or unauthorized usage of Internet or important data.

Computer forensics may be required in the case of digital fraud, unauthorized data duplication, bankruptcy data investigation, private investigation of personal computer - PDA, disloyal employees, forgeries, murder, industrial espionage, theft, assault, IP theft, computer break-ins, inappropriate internet usage, internet abuse, email abuse and there are endless reasons to carry out legal investigation on an employee or individuals computer system. This emerging new field is used by intelligence agencies, law enforcement, military and businesses to keep check on or to investigate about the working environment.

Both in the cases of civil and criminal cases, you might suspect that the information that you need has been tampered, deleted, hidden or is missing. Nucleus Data Recovery provides digital investigation tools to recover data from all types of computer and computer related crime.

Kernel Recovery ranges of software tools are helpful software program, which easily extracts and retrieves hidden or deleted information and helps you to detect the computer crimes, frauds thus discriminating the services of computer forensic specialist.

The key features of the Kernel Data Recovery Software range are; examination of the complete directory structure inside raw image files, deleted partition recovery, deleted email recovery, disk verification and hard disk cleansing to produce forensically sterile media. The forensic software tools effectively traces out the unauthorized and illegal operations done on a computer system.

The heavy amounts paid on the computer forensics services are now narrowed down with the advanced Kernel range software that are equally beneficial for the forensic investigations, but in rare cases where the software fails to perform the forensics check efficiently, services of the forensics expert are employed.

The range of recovery software for forensics has native support for almost every email client, FAT, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, HFS, HFS+, NSS, NWFS, UFS, HTFS, EAFS file systems and effectively runs under windows 98/Me/2000/2003/XP.

If data exists, we can recover it!

Nucleus Data Recovery is the industry leader in Data Recovery Software products and Hard Disk Recovery software tools, which includes file repair, file recovery, database recovery, backup recovery and email recovery products. The technically advanced company provides world-class data recovery products and data recovery services to promote data safe world.

Company Name: Nucleus Data Recovery (P) Ltd.
Contact us at:

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Why Should I Have Data Recovery Software?
Monday, April 14, 2008

If you are like most other computer users, you have probably some time accidently deleted some of the important data or documents from your computer. The good news if that there is data recovery software out there that is capable to recover the data you have lost, there is no reason to despair. Since data viruses have been a part of computer users' everyday life there are chances that a virus program would have deleted some of your important data from your system. Software used for recovering data is your assurance and functions pretty much the same way as an insurance policy.

There are lots of programs available in the market for recovering your lost files and for those files that were once rendered inaccessible. Data recovery software can

"undelete" files or information that have previously been deleted

recover any information lost after uncontrollable instances like virus attacks, power cut, software failures and more.

Since we all know how unpredictable technology can be, we must always be prepared for the worst scenario.

One of these recovery programs are called "GetDataBack". This is one of the most popular software for data recovery. It is one of the best selling pieces in the market today because of the frequency that people are losing valuable pieces of information and valuable files. This software functions easily, as do most other recovery software products, to recover entire drives. You can achieve this just by clicking a few buttons.

Are there data recovery services available?

There are also lots of data recovery services or so called "hotlines" that can be called to help assist you with recovery of some of your lost data. It is always helpful to have a little knowledge of your computer system because this helps you to describe the problem adequately to the customer service operator of the data recovery company and they can give you as much information as possible that is specific to your issue. If a drive of your computer was formatted or accidentally deleted by a virus or human error, a data recovery service can help you get your data back and restore your original settings in the computer.

Data recovery is defined as the process by which lost data is retrieved from a damaged or infected hard drive or any other piece of computer or electronic equipment. Computer users today use a special software for data recovery to get back the lost information from their personal computers, business computer systems, cellular phones, Blackberries, and any other electronic systems that store vital information. There are also cases where data simply disappears for no obvious reason at all. However, the software meant for data recovery can back the data to normal.

If you are an active computer user, it is important to have a backup plan and a good software for recovering data in case you lose your data accidentally or due to a virus sweep. Data recovery software is a must for your business and very important for computer amateurs as well.

Greg Eiskins is a writer and internet publisher who enjoys to publish quality information about data recovery and related issues. Read more at the website

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Data Recovery: 3 Steps To Fix It

When do you need data recovery help? There are going to be those times when you just delete the wrong file or lose your data when your computer somehow loses power. But, what about the event of hard drive failure? What in the world can you do then to repair the lost data that you have? There are several things that you will want to do to get that data back. Luckily, today's computers are often powerful tools that have some helpful strategies to prevent and restore these problems.

Step 1: Determine what has happened. If you find that you have an error message on your screen, jot it down. That is a clue as to what happened. You may need to contact your provider to access help. If your data is gone, and you can not find it in your recycle bin, keep track of what happened.

Step 2: Try your recovery system. Most computers today have a back up that will save what you are working on as you are working on it. This can be helpful in providing you with the necessary help you need in finding files that are just lost.

Step 3: If these things are not enough to restore any of the data that you have lost, or you have had a hard drive crash, it is essential to use a good quality data recovery product or software tool to help in restoring at least some of it. If your system does not come with this, which most do not, you will need to purchase it. But, it can help to restore data that is far more worthwhile to you when you think that everything is gone.

Even with data recovery software and the best computer technicians, not everything can be successfully recovered. If nothing else, you can learn from this and keep everything on your computer backed up onto a removable disk. Consider doing this at least weekly if you use your computer for quite a bit of storage, monthly otherwise.

Troy H. King is an editor at where you can find more articles about data recovery solutions.

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Corrupt Access Database Recovery
Monday, April 7, 2008

Access databases are the most easily prone database to get corrupted. Generally an error occurs in the binary file format of any database which results into unusable database. The .mdb database corruption is very common, minor and generally unknown to the user. The user eventually comes to know about it when this corruption gets worse. The most common causes of access database corruptions are hardware failures, software crashes, JET software crash, multi-user access, inefficient database design, virus attacks, password protections, unexpected system shutdowns and power failures.

You can definitely prevent the access databases from being getting corrupted by following some simple measures;

Perform backup of the corrupt file as soon as possible before using any recovery utility on the damaged file.

Restore database from the previous backups - Regular backups should be performed of your database design and data in order to avoid the potential problems caused by database corruption.

Use of In-built Access ?Compact and Repair? feature - Like other MS Office (Word, Excel..) MS Access also has a useful in-built feature called ?Compact and Repair?. To access the feature;

1. Open the new database

Note: It is not necessary to open a new database, this feature can be accessed even if there is no database opened.

2. Click the Tools menu and select Database Utilities > Compact and Repair Database option.

3. The Database to Compact From dialogue box will be displayed, select the appropriate .mdb file and click the Compact button.

4. The corrupt Access database will be repaired.

Note: Be cautious while performing recovery through this method as this recovery procedure can at times make the case more worsened. Always take backup of the corrupt file before applying this method.

Use of MS Jet compact Utility

JetComp.exe has been developed to fix minor corruptions of the Access databases. This method of recovery is much secured than the in-built Compact and Repair feature of MS Access.

Import tables in new Database

You can create a new database and transfer all the data and table by implementing different methods:

1. Using the ?Import Wizard? to transfer all table structures to new database.

2. Recreation of the table structures in the new database manually ? through SQL and VB coding

Send the file to Access File Repair Company

If practice of all the above measures does not provides satisfactory results then you can send your file(s) to Access database repair company such as ourselves:

Kernel Recovery for Access is MS Access database recovery and repair software which comprehensively recovers the corrupt .mdb databases and files. The Access recovery software while repairing the damaged file creates a backup copy of the original file as a template to restore the lost database structure. The software effectively recovers lost table and data structures, memo data, OLE data, table relationships, original date format, password protected databases and converts MDE database file to MDB database file.

Kernel Recovery for Access is a user friendly application which supports recovery from MS Access 2003, 2000, XP, 97, 95 databases.

Nucleus Data Recovery (P) Limited is the industry leader in data recovery products and hard disk recovery software tools, which includes file repair, file recovery, database recovery, backup recovery and email recovery products. The technologically advanced company provides world-class data recovery products and data recovery services to promote the data safe world.

The Kernel Recovery software range supports recovery from Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP), Apple Macintosh, Linux, Novell, Unix operating system and FAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, NWFS, JFS, EXT2, and EXT3 file systems.

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