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How To Recover The Hard Disk's Data From A Dead Laptop
Sunday, October 14, 2007

This guide will show you how to recover the data of a dead laptop , since it stopped functioning for another thing that a failure of the hard disk.

1 To unmount the hard disk

The first stage is to unmount the hard disk (seek on the site of the manufacturer or on the net for the service manual of your notebook). Generally it is an easy and simple operation.

2 To recover the data

There is much way of recovering the data of a laptop hard disk, the simplest way is to connect your hard disk to another PC.

With this intention you must use either a 2.5' ' usb or firewire drive enclosure or a laptop hard drive adaptor kit 2.5 to 3.5 inch IDE hdd. Once connected simply copy the data of your laptop hard disk towards your PC.

3 Damaged or unreadable data

In this case you must use a tool as Unstoppable Copier. It is a tool which makes it possible to read the data of a damaged disc, if it encounters a file it cannot copy, the file will be skipped and copying will continue.

4 Case of a very damaged hard disk

In this case it is necessary to use Ultimate boot Cd for Windows (tool that everyone should have) Firstly it should be checked that the data can be read using Explorer XP.Then launch Unstoppable Copier which is included in Ultimate Boot Cd, choose for example the source drive as C: which was the laptop hard disc and made E: the destination drive which is the hard disc on the desktop PC.

For more information and solution visit The Laptop Support Community.

Didier Pradel is the webmaster of The Laptop Support Community where you can find many useful informations, and help for your lovely laptop.

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