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Zip File Recovery
Monday, October 8, 2007

Ever tried to send a folder or file with big file size and disk occupying space through email. Many a times your email account cannot send the file and displays error messages. Why does this happens?

This mainly happens when the size of the file which you are mailing is large or your internet connection speed is slow or your ISP is not able to transfer your request. But this can be solved by using the WinZip software – a compression utility to reduce the file and disk storage size of a file.

WinZip software is used to compress a file into an archive so that it occupies less disk storage space. Files and folders with heavy file size can be compressed with WinZip compression utility which will reduce the storage space on the disk.

For example, the size of a folder on disk comes to be 276 KB but when the same folder is compressed with the WinZip utility, its occupying disk space becomes 160 KB. A straight away reduction of 116 KBs. Now this folder can be transferred easily through email and will take less time to get transferred to other storage medium.

Corportaes, students, accountants, designers and many other professionals use WinZip software to send important data thus reduce file size, which then can be easily transferred from one place to another. But at times these zipped files may get corrupt in the electronic transit or by virus attacks, software malfunction, or the storage media where the zip files are stored might get corrupt; any situation can lead to file corruption and make you face data loss situations.

At this time of data loss situations, zip repair software proves helpful to recover the lost data. The deleted, corrupt, damaged and inaccessible data can be recovered with the help of zip file recovery software.

Winrar is another useful compression utility used for reducing file and disk storage space similar to WinZip. Thus the reality cannot be ignored that WinZip and Winrar compression utilities have made their mark in daily file transfer usage and are helping users to transfer their data.

The author is a technical writer for Nucleus Data Recovery – the leading provider of data recovery software, data recovery services, email recovery, zip repair, database repair. For more info, visit

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