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Functionality of Data Recovery Tools
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If you accidentally suffer from data loss, the sole experience might turn out to be a nightmare, this is why people take preventative measures and try to avoid these sorts of problems. Imagine spending a lot of time trying to compile and store valuable data files only to have them lost or accidentally deleted at a time when you need them most. Now that can become a very big problem. Most companies have efficient security measures in their data storage compounds to keep these problems from happening.

Nowadays information is vital for the survival and efficient managing of a corporation, and data loss may prove to be a drawback to a company's operations. Data loss can have profound consequences. That is why companies hire only the best people and get the best product to ensure that their data always remain secure and intact, which are always handy when a similar situations occur.

But every company is susceptible to suffer from data loss, no matter how efficient the professionals in charge of avoiding it are, or the expensive equipment that they handle to assist in these situations. The chance of experiencing data loss is still possible. This is why it has become extremely important to have data recovery software in case that the unfortunate event of data loss happens. There are several data recovery tools available that can help companies and even home computer users recover seemingly lost data in different cases of data loss. Even when chances for recovery seem extremely unlikely, there are data recovery software programs available on the market that will potentially increase the possibilities of a successful recovery.

These tools main goal is to restore pieces of the lost files and put them back together. Any deleted file might still remain on your computer's hard disk even after you may have it deleted from your computer's Recycle Bin. This is due to the fact that deleted files or erased pieces of data can still remain hidden somewhere in your hard drive until it is overwritten by newer files. All these hidden files are still readable with the proper tools, and most data recovery software will work on this for achieving its goals.

In the worst scenario where you delete your most important files, data recovery software is capable of performing an extensive search on your hard drive to locate the pieces of your document and therefore being able to restore them to their original condition. Even partial files can still be recovered as some data recovery tools are also capable of reconstructing partial files and build up whatever remaining files might are still be available on your hard drive.

You should consider data recovery tools if you own or work for a company where data is of vital importance to the proper functioning of the operations. With the available data recovery tools today, data loss may not be such an impossible problem to solve. With a host of data recovery solutions available, you might still be able to recover valuable data that you may have lost accidentally or through defects on your computer or any other equipment. If you have these tools in handy, you may be able to continue your work without worries, knowing that your data will be recovered. Having data recovery tools on hand may give you that level of comfort knowing that all is not yet lost and a solution is always at hand to help you recover some lost valuable data on your computer system.

Nic Ricciuti is a successful freelance writer and website publisher of that offers successful tips on becoming a Data Recovery expert and other free data recovery information.

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How To Prevent The Next Data Recovery Incident
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost all of us experience data loss at some point in our electronic life. This can happen for a few reasons: viruses, physical damage, Configuration errors, lost letters and more. It's important not to panic, as there are good solutions that will help you restore the lost data, in many cases. Software such as Bad Copy Pro or Multi Data Rescue will be able to correct corrupt or lost data, in most cases.

In more complex problems you may want to turn to the professional companies that deal with data recovery issues, such as OnTreak. These companies offer a variety of tool :

Remote treatment - where they treat your computer from their site and do the recovery work from a far.

Onsite treatment - data recovery specialists come to your office or home and work on your computer. This is a more in-depth treatment that is required in the more serious cases.

The lab treatment - your computer is taken to the lab for data recovery. This is done in the most extreme cases, for example when the computer is destroyed in fire of explosion. In the lab, the technicians will try to save as much as possible from that device.

Data recovery evolve all the time and makes it possible to save more of the lost data. There is a lot to be done about lost files, so make sure you give it your best efforts.

After you have recovered what needs to be recovered - how do you prevent the next Data loss event? How do you make sure you never lose any data again?

There are a few possible solutions to that, and they depend on your budget and just how paranoid you are as to the possibility of another incident. Here's a quick list of a few of the best preventive measures:

Daily manual back up - you can backup your daily work from you hard drive straight to CD. You can than place the CD in a safe place and this will pretty much guarantee you will always have a latest version of your work. This method is time consuming, and it may not fit you if you're doing a lot of work during the day and add a lot more data. This method may suit small operators.

Remote backup - This method is used by many organizations. The data is backed up automatically in a remote site. This way nothing ever gets lost and everything is backed up in a second place. Even if there's a fire in your office all the data is preserved. The disadvantages here are information security risks, as well as the costs involved. Nonetheless, this is a popular method among medium and big organizations.

Gill Reese is the owner of You may visit the site and learn all about data recovery, hard disk data recovery, data recovery software and more.

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MYSQL Database Back Up And Recovery

Do you know that many of the scripts that help us to run our business or websites use MYSQL databases to store their information.

For instance many people use Auto responders to help with collecting and delivering information.

Scripts that produce one time offers, promotion offers, coupons etc all use mysql to store their information.

Mail merge programs often use mysql database to store information.

Wordpress the blog building software that lots of people use to write their blogs uses mysql to store this information.

What a lot of these users don?t know is that if they have not backed up their mysql database, then they could lose all their data, this would mean that if they had not backed up their database, they could lose all their customers information, all the email addresses that their auto responder stores in the mysql database.

Any and all information that is collated by the many scripts that run on websites could be lost and the scripts could stop working, all because they did not back up their database. now how you might ask do I know so much about this?

Well I can tell you from first hand experience that losing your database because your server has crashed and lost or scrambled your database can be very expensive, time consuming and frustrating.

Yes It happened to me, I did not back up my database,

My server crashed and like you I assumed that my provider would have backed everything up.

But NO they don?t, some do, but lots simply leave it to their customers.

So what can be done, well you could go into all your databases, everyday or maybe weekly and back up your database, If of course you know how to access your database with phpadmin and you know how to back up your database, and you all so know how to restore it should you need to??

Or you could use a simple easy to use software that will back up each and every database you have daily, and at the press of a button restore your database for you.

Sounds good, where do you find an expensive bit of software to do that for you?

Well I was so shocked at losing my data, I took the time and trouble to find a software that will do just that, but at a very low cost, yes that?s right low cost, my database backup generator software will do all that for you and at low cost, check out it out today at read my own sorry story, check out my video that shows just how easy it is to use and you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable my database backup generator really is.

Ian Levings
Ian Levings is the webmaster for several succesfull websites,
Has spent the last 6yrs learning about Internet marketing, and all the pitfalls along the way.
He is the webmaster at the following

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Data Recovery Experts
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Data recovery experts are basically experts involved in the process of data recovery. They are software professionals who are well acquainted with cases of data loss and they master all the software tools that are required to recover data from its affected sources. They are responsible for retrieving information and valuable data that are lost or corrupted in computers or memories used in various departments of the government, organizations, companies, educational institutes and other facilities. The process of data recovery is a truly complicated process, so it is left to the experts in computer technology.

Data recovery basically means to recover any lost or damaged information within a computer system due to some logical error or physical damage. Data recovery experts review and check databases, servers, storage media, memories like Random Access Memory (RAM), Read Only Memory (ROM), hard drive, network and even supercomputers and workstations for corrupted or damaged data.

When your hard drive clicks, scratches or makes noises or when your system keeps on rebooting or shows blue screens, or when an error message like ?Drive is not formatted? appears, it implies that some file is damaged or corrupted.

The first step when any of these happens is to switch off your computer as quickly as possible. Then make a note of what exactly happened. Finally, it is required that you contact a data recovery expert. A data recovery procedure can?t guarantee the recovery of all data, as it depends on the extent of damage caused to your system. When physical damage happens to a system, there is always a chance that some data is lost. So to minimize the loss we have to contact a data recovery professional immediately.

Data recovery experts initially would analyze the type of damage done to the file and create a copy of the original file for safety. If the damage is physical in nature, data recovery experts implement steps like cleaning, sampling and cutting and remolding the copy of the source making it close to the original version. If the damage done to the file is logical, data recovery experts utilize software methods to recover the data from the damaged file or system. The main job of a data recovery professional is to help in the speedy recovery of valuable data whenever there is a problem and to assist in backing-up systems.

Data Recovery provides detailed information on Data Recovery, Data Recovery Experts, Data Recovery Services, Data Recovery Software and more. Data Recovery is affliated with Data Management Software.

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Data Recovery Companies
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

With data recovery being big business, there are numerous data companies available today. These companies offer all kinds of software and products to help in the recovery of data.

These companies range from large businesses to small shops and from dedicated shops that offer only data recovery services to other companies that offer a wide array of computer related products and services.

One good thing about these companies is that most of them ask the customer to pay only if they are able to recover a significant portion of the lost data. If they're totally unsuccessful in recovering any of the lost data, the customer usually will not be charged.

In a situation where a lot of valuable data has been lost, one should not automatically assume that the data is gone forever. These companies use some very innovative methods to help recover lost data. The average percentage of successful retrievals of lost data is in the range of 80 - 90%.

The process to have your data retrieved by one of these companies normally goes something like this.

First, contact them and tell them the problem. They'll issue instructions on safely packing and sending the damaged drive to them. Once it gets into their hands, they'll test and evaluate the drive to see how much data can be recovered from it. At this stage, the customer is normally given a quote of the price and informed about the quantity of data that can be recovered.

Different companies have different cost structures. Some companies have fixed prices that depend on the type of media or the size and nature of the data recovery process. Others charge customers depending on the individual job.

When choosing a data recover company, it is always advisable to research the credentials of the company before handing them the drive. There are plenty of companies who lack the necessary experience or expertise to properly recover lost data.

As a precaution, when told by a company that the data in the drive is not recoverable, it is always advisable to get a second opinion from another reputed data recovery company, as they may have other resources and techniques that the first one did not.

Data Recovery provides detailed information on Data Recovery, Data Recovery Experts, Data Recovery Services, Data Recovery Software and more. Data Recovery is affiliated with Data Management Software.

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Drive Data Recovery Services

There are normally two kinds of damages that any drive can experience.

Physical damage is one of these kinds and is quite rare. Physical damage is more common when it comes to portable storage media such as CDs, DVDs, and other such media.

When talking about physical damage to the hard drive, it's normally understood that such damage is taken to mean mechanical failures. Examples of mechanical failures are head crashes, failed motors, etc.

Physical damage not only causes data loss, but also damages the logical structures of the file systems that the operating system uses. This results in logical damage, which must be corrected before attempting the recovery of any files.

Most users do not have the necessary hardware or the technical expertise to repair physical damage, which brings data recovery companies into the picture. Opening hard disks in a normal environment can cause dust to settle on the surface, which can result in further damage to the drive and as a result, complicate the recovery process.

Logical damage is the other type of damage a drive can experience. This type of damage is a lot more common when compared to physical damage. Logical damage is normally caused by power outages but can also be caused by hardware problems and system crashes.

When such occurrences take place, the file system is left in an inconsistent state and hence begins to behave abnormally.

Data recovery services for drives generally follow a standard process. The drive is examined to determine the nature and quantity of data loss. Once that has been determined, a data recovery tool or software is used to try and recover as much software as possible. The type of software used depends on the nature of the problem.

Most data recovery software produce quite good results. The success rate is often quite high. However, in certain cases, there is just no way for the data to be recovered and the loss is permanent.

Data Recovery provides detailed information on Data Recovery, Data Recovery Experts, Data Recovery Services, Data Recovery Software and more. Data Recovery is affiliated with Data Management Software.

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Data Recovery Tools

Data recovery refers to the recovery of data on a computer that has been lost due any potential reason. Most operating systems in use nowadays have some kind of repair tool built into them, even if these tools are very basic in nature. For example, Microsoft Windows comes with a chkdsk facility, Apple's Mac OS X has a Disk Utility, and Linux has an fsck utility.

While these utilities help repair minor inconsistencies, they're quite useless in the event of large scale data loss. There are third party utilities available, some of which are far superior to these built-in utilities on these operating systems. These third party utilities can even recover data from disks that are not recognized by the operating systems? own repair utility.

Data recovery tools use two main techniques to achieve the desired results. Consistency checking is performed by scanning the logical structure of the disk and making sure that it is consistent with its specification.

The second technique is to assume very little about the state the file system that is to be analyzed and use hints and bits of the undamaged file system to rebuild the destroyed file system from scratch.

There are numerous data recovery tools available on the market. All it takes is a simple online search to pull up thousands and thousands of companies as well as descriptions of the various tools they offer.

Different data recovery tools work in different ways, though most use the same concept. The method of recovery depends on the type and extent of damage.

Most software data tools are quite ineffective when the damage is physical. Physical damage of a drive requires completely different techniques of recovery compared to logical damage.

Selection of the right data recovery tool depends on a number of factors like the type and extent of damage, effectiveness of the tool, and its cost.

Data Recovery provides detailed information on Data Recovery, Data Recovery Experts, Data Recovery Services, Data Recovery Software and more. Data Recovery is affiliated with Data Management Software.

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Recovering Your Lost Or Deleted Files - How I Entered The Data Recovery World

I Recently faced one of my worst computer nightmares. I accidentally deleted a folder stuffed with really important files and then I immediately cleaned the contents of my recycle bin. Minutes later I discovered the bitter truth. My precious files where lost. This sad and frustrating incident got me involved in the data recovery world.

Many people may not even know the existence of the data recovery industry. Did you know that it is actually a multi-million dollar industry? Businesses all over the globe worry so much about data loss and data recovery that they spend millions on research, prevention and data restoration methods.

Anyway, back to my story. I wanted to know if my files could be restored somehow. So I first learned that all my data can be recovered even though they seemed lost. I learned that although I have the impression that a file no longer exists, my hard drive always keeps a record of all the data that's been stored/written inside it. Even if you format and reformat the hard drive, there's still a chance to recover lost or deleted files.

Then I wanted to find a way to restore lost data/files on demand. I discovered hundreds of data recovery software offers. So I decided to research the web and learn everything about data recovery before I buy any software.

And here's what I found:

- 50% of all data loss is caused by human error. People are accidentally deleting files all the time. Then they shred the contents of their recycle bin. These "lost" files are actually -hiding- inside the hard disk and they are 100% recoverable. They can be restored.
- 30% of all data loss is caused by hard drive failure (physical damage). People do not follow proper shut down procedures or the hard drives may suffer from all kinds of mechanical/hardware issues.
- 20% of all data loss is caused by viruses, worms and other types of malicious threats. People forget to frequently update their anti-virus database (some of them do not even have anti-virus software). These days not too much people know what Internet security is.
- 10% of all data loss is caused by several other reasons.

It's time you start worrying about data loss and data recovery too, especially if you have critical files stored on your hard disks. Before you even think of buying data recovery software to restore your lost data, it would be a good idea to implement a data loss prevention routine:

1. Always store your important/critical files in a separate folder. Always back up your data. Either on CD-ROMs or external drives, it doesn't matter.
2. Always follow proper shut down methods. Do not just power off your PC by unplugging the power cable. Your system needs to do a little write/delete maintenance to your files before it shuts down. Also, never kick or punch your computer.
3. Protect yourself and your privacy online. Use anti-virus/anti-spyware software and keep updating it often since new malicious threats arise all the time.
4. Be optimistic. Never think that you might lose an important file. This actually helps a lot. The idea is to create a mindset of invincibility for your data.
5. Be prepared to act if something goes wrong (e.g. you lose an excell files with your clients list). In most cases lost data is recoverable.

Now you know it's possible to restore almost every type of lost or deleted file, it's time to learn how to do it. How about this highly recommended Data Recovery Software that will restore all your lost data quickly and easily? There's a free trial version waiting for you to download. Give it a try. Mary Markell is a webmaster of Digital Star Products Directory of Digital Products.

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Choosing The Right Data Recovery Software

Computers have become an inseparable part of our business and personal lives. Organizations like Linux and Microsoft come out with newer programs nearly every 5 years, which offer better, faster services than the previous models.

One of the most catastrophic incidents that can happen is loss of data, whether unintentionally or by a virus. The only to safeguard your computer against such mishaps is to install features which can be used for fast and safe recovery of the lost data.

This important feature was first developed in the MS-DOS 6 operating system, which is still being used in advanced programs. There is yet another way to recover lost data if the safeguards do not function.

The user has to buy this data recovery software so that the recovery can be done at home and not leave your computer at a shop for a few days. Of course, there are many varieties of software available in the market today.

After the disk command, there are various utilities which are able to recover lost files. Then there are programs which restore documents even when the hard disk is pre-formatted.

Look for a function called system restore which is available in some of the programs. This works wonderfully even when the hard disk has crashed and can restore all the stored documents.

There are software available in the market which over promise but under deliver. The buyer should be cautious in choosing one for his computer. There are some things which are possible, others not, at this stage. You should be fully aware of the possibilities.

Information about these software are available in computer-related magazines or on line.

Don?t get too shocked if the program costs less than $100. this works faster and better than many similar products which cost much more.

Word of mouth information is also useful. Ask other sufferers of the same problem. They can teach you a couple of things from their previous experience.

You need professional help only when none of the methods of recovery has worked for you. These experts know much more and are equipped to handle much more advanced software to tackle any problem.

If the computer has massive data and cant even remember the names of the documents, these experts can give a preview to the user before the files are recovered.

Using the emergency boot media is yet another efficient way to recover lost data. This can recover any data which the user has lost because of any damage to the hard drive of was downloading something from the internet, which was virus-ridden.

The software necessary for data recovery can be bought online or from the local computer store. The user should wisely compare the available information and then make a selection.

There is no need to get frightened if ever such a situation happens to your computer. All you need is a CD which carries the data recovery program and soon your worries come to an amicable end.

Daniel Travers is a staff writer at Computing Times and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Entertainment Digest .

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