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Data Recovery - You Can Get It Back!
Saturday, December 29, 2007

Data recovery is a process whereby you can save data and files you accidentally deleted, had eaten by malicious software or viruses, hardware failures, corporate espionage and many more scenarios. Most people believe that when the hard drive crashes their world ends also, but that's not usually the case. In fact 85% of the time the data is recoverable, and at far less trouble and expense than you might fear at first.

It's a wonder something that spins at thousands of times a minute doesn't crash more often than they do, what with all the abuse we heap upon them. When's the last time you did a dust patrol near your drive ports? Hard drives aren't the only data that can be saved too. Zip drives, floppies, DVD's, CD-ROM's and more can be rescued. And sometimes the worst of disasters will yield up results. Technicians regularly extract data from computers that are burned to a crisp. Admittedly this is trickier and more expensive, but it can be done. On woman had her Apple Powerbook sink to the bottom of the Amazon, whereupon tiring of waiting for the salvage operation, she promptly donned her scuba gear, swam down to the sunken boat and retrieved her precious files. She then mailed the whole mess to DriveSavers and they managed to save most of her data, despite being submerged for three days!

Most recoveries aren't nearly as sexy, and can usually be resolved with a software solution, usually by the client his or herself. Off the rack data recovery software is quite good and relatively inexpensive, especially when you compared to the cost of dealing with replacing the lost files. Most data recovery issues stem from human error, roughly 25%. A software solution can run you anywhere from $75-$400, whereas if the problem is too difficult and you have to box it up and send it out, expect to pay between $500-$2000, with the average price of $1000.

The key to remember is that deleted data is usually not gone forever, just maddeningly misplaced. The good news is that recovery can be a mouse click away! is the publisher of this article on data recovery. At you will find all the information you need on data recovery to protect yourself from loosing all your favorite data and memories that is stored on your computer. So to protect yourself or your business, go to bookmark this website because all you need to know about data recovery and how to protect yourself is there. constantly updated and reniewed by pro's.

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Recovering your data with Data Recovery

Looking for the best data recovery software can be a real nightmare when you have just lost, seemingly irretrievably, much of your work. But if you don't panic and look carefully for the best solution, than very often it is possible to retrieve much if not all of your lost data. There are many software packages out there that can help with this process as long as you take the correct steps initially The right software can enable you to not only retrieve files that you have unintentionally deleted, but also, in some cases, data that has been lost due to a virus attack. The key for most of these programs to work is to not allow any more writing to the disk in question. A good program for data that has been accidentally deleted is undelete. It has been used hundreds of times to recover data that has been deleted by the act of a person.

One of the key things in choosing the right software, is to know how the data was lost. Whether it was due to a virus, a mistake on your part, or even a hardware failure, so that you can decide which is the best data recovery method to use.

If you are quick enough, it is possible that you will not even need the data recovery software. When data is deleted it is not always trashed straight away. The operating system will change the file so that it won't be displayed when you're looking for it.

If you can find this gap in the system before the computer uses it for something else, then it is possible to simply undelete it and the file will reappear with all your data. This way you can avoid the need for data recovery software and you should be back in business.

The trick is to be very quick and find the gap in the system before doing too much other work, as this, especially if your hard drive has got very little unused space, may cause the computer to use the gap for something else. If you have not noticed the loss, and the computer has used it, then probably your best chance is in using some good quality data recovery software or service.

Another problem can arise if you decide to repair the drive by defragging the computer, before you have a chance to try any data recovery. You probably will not lose all of it, but it is possible to lose some of it, as when you defrag it can cause some of the files to be overwritten.

Of course even if you only use one or two small files by doing this, chances are they will be the most important ones! So it is best to try to get to grips with your data recovery before doing any defragging. Even if you are not actively running this application, you should think whether you have preprogrammed to defrag the disc at specific intervals.

So if you think you have lost any data, it is always best to try and recover it before doing anything else. That way you have a much better chance of success with your data recovery.

Bruce Hopkins is an Information Technology Director over a large multi campus network and is a avid DotNetNuke Open Source Supporter. He manages several information sites on technology and Asp.Net Topics

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Where to Turn to When You Need Data Recovery Services
Saturday, December 22, 2007

There is perhaps no worse feeling in the world of technology than having your hard drive crash and realizing you have not made a backup of the valuable data it contains. These days most of us end up storing vast amounts of personal data on their computers, and data recovery services can be a godsend when the worst happens.

The idea behind data recovery is that the data on a failed hard drive is not truly gone. Depending on the physical damage to the hard drive, the actual data may still be intact, and a qualified data recovery service may be able to recover most or even all of the data contained on the failed hard drive.

When shopping for data recovery services, it is important to choose carefully, and it is important to move as quickly as possible. If a physical problem exists with the failed hard drive, that problem is likely to get worse quickly, and the faster you can get that drive to a data recovery service the faster you will get your valuable data back.

It is also important to choose a data recovery service with a good track record of recovering data from failed hardware and failed hard drives. It is a good idea to look for references for those data recovery services. In addition, you may want to check with the manufacturer of your hard drive for recommendations on data recovery services. Some data recovery services will work better with certain brands of hard drives, and the maker of your hard drive may be a good source of information on the type of data recovery services that are most likely to be effective.

When contracting with a data recovery service, it is important to read the fine print carefully and to understand what your financial obligations are in the event of a successful data recovery. In most cases the charges for data recovery will be determined by a combination of the size of the drive and the extent of the damage. It is important to get a good estimate before allowing the data recovery to go forward. Data recovery services can sometimes be expensive, but recovering your personal data can be priceless.

No matter what type of data recovery service you ultimately choose, one thing is fairly certain, and that is that you will suddenly discover the power of a good backup. Nothing causes people to get the backup religion quite like a loss of data.

For more information on data recovery go to

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Data Recovery What No Business Can Do Without

There are very few businesses operating today that don't depend in some way upon the computers they use. From libraries to hospitals, supermarkets to law offices, almost every type of work place imaginable uses computers to store information and to support a variety of programs that allow its day-to-day operations run smoothly. While the importance of these computers means that most of these businesses perform back-ups on a regular basis, there will always be unfortunate circumstances that will lead to data being lost. This is why data recovery is one of the most important services of which a business is ever likely to avail.

While computers are possibly one of the safest and most reliable ways of storing information, they remain vulnerable to incursion from a variety of sources. From power outages to computer viruses, there will always be unexpected attacks unleashed upon computers and the very important data that is stored within. Most IT departments understand the risks involved in our reliance upon computers and perform periodic back-ups to ensure that in the event of some unexpected violation, only minimal amounts of data are lost. And while this is approach is an important one, there are situations when even this minimal data is too much to lose.

Data recovery thus plays an integral role in any business. Whether this is necessary to perform on a single computer or an entire network, specialists are available to recover the data that we might think has gone forever. With a combination of special software and expert knowledge, data recovery professionals can help retrieve information that has been lost in a number of ways. Whether deleted accidentally by a computer user, fallen prey to a virus or power outage, or lost because of a malfunction in the computer's hard drive, data recovery allows this information to be wholly or partly regained.

Regular back-ups will remain the watchword of computer use, and while these are essential in any business, they sometimes are insufficient in the face of unpredictable circumstances. Data recovery is the perfect addition to any business's IT services, so whether your own staff deals with this issue or you outsource it to an expert, be sure to keep that number on your speed dial. You never know when you might need their services.

Dave is the owner of and websites providing information on data recovery services.

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Computer Maintenance London Data Disaster Recovery Plan Computer Network Services UK IT Support London

Like with most machines and gadgets, your computer requires regular maintenance. Maintenance ensures that your computer gives you years of trouble-free service. Basic computer maintenance usually involves periodic cleaning, checking and updating of the system and its components. Apart from those, periodic backup of your critical data, defragmenting of hard disks to maintain disk efficiency and speed, deleting temporary and old files and installation of latest software's form the core of computer maintenance. At Netstaruk, we undertake contractual maintenance of your computer hardware, software and networking systems. With all our latest, sophisticated tools, software's and technical know-how, we ensure that your computers function to their optimum. Our regular computer maintenance contract also includes troubleshooting which can be remote, telephone or on-site. With the telephone support, just phone or email any time your system faces a problem; and the expert team at Netstaruk solves it for you. Netstaruk also offers you remote services by fitting a small piece of software into your system. This software enables staff at Netstaruk to share your screen with you remotely, thereby having better control of your system. Remote monitoring was until recently a luxury only large companies could afford. Now, Netstaruk brings remote services even to small and medium sized businesses. As a part of our maintenance contract, our team of qualified engineers will visit your premises periodically for on site services. Installation, configuration, major troubleshooting and minor projects are all undertaken on site. We update your systems to protect your computers from viruses, Trojans, worms and malicious spy ware by using firewalls, virus protection software's and high-level encryption. With highly qualified and extremely experienced engineers, you can rest assured that your computer maintenance work will be done to your complete satisfaction. We also offer you professional data backup solutions that can ensure you peace of mind. Our fully automated Internet backup solution holds your data securely offsite. Online data storage of encrypted information provides a safe, reliable and cost effective alternative to traditional backup. And technologically advanced data disaster recovery planning services offered by Netstaruk, ensures that even in case of a data loss, you can rely on Netstaruk to recover your systems quickly, causing minimal disruption to your work. With timely and dependable services provided, network and computer maintenance by Netstaruk ensures that you have a smooth running office. A trusted name in UK, Netstaruk network support London has an enviable clientele. Also as a Microsoft Certified Partner, Netstaruk has the expertise with Microsoft technologies and the ability to deliver. So, look no further for your computer maintenance contracts - ensure an efficient office with services from Netstaruk.

I write Articles on IT support services.

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How to Choose Right Data Recovery Software

Data recovering is a process to make available lost or damaged data that was previously available in either a hard drive or diskettes, either due to an accidental deletion or due to a disk physically damaged by shock. Data recovery was a feature accessible in older systems with MS-DOS 6 operating system.

However, the arrival of the 32 bits architecture in PC processors, and later upgraded to 64 bits, override this functionally. When data is lost, the opportunities to recover valuable or sensitive information are not lost at all. Computer data recovery software can do the job.

This type of software help people retrieve lost or inaccessible files from almost any imaginable data recovery disaster, and without the need to send your hard drive to a specialized technical service.

Computer data recovery software makes it possible for the rescue of any file more often than everybody might think. Like the old MS-Dos, modern applications not only can undelete accidentally deleted files, but also partitions, and even when power failure, software failure, or virus caused the deletion attack.

Choose the right data recovery software, which is associated with your needs. Some applications can get your files back using different utilities after the disk command, while others can retrieve the data even if the hard drive has been formatted.

System restore is another function handled by computer data recovery software. Whether logical hard drive failures or RAID reconstruction and recovery, data recovery is possible, even when your system does not recognize the drive to be rescued.

The key for you to choose the right software is by taking some time to do a search. Recognize if your data recovery problem is beyond your immediate control and even having old undelete software installed, most of the time it will not work because all of them were programmed to work in systems developed with 16 bits architecture.

Double check what every computer data recovery software offers, and be aware of those claiming to recover your files in a way outside all limits of reality, because of the saying; "if something looks too good to be true, it probably is."

Data recovery is not a matter of a high price, in fact, sometimes smaller and cheaper or freeware programs can recover the files as well as the costly versions using mega-gigabytes. However, most of the small gems usually can make a few tasks in comparison with large, full-featured versions.

Again, make sure you do research and comparison before deciding on the best computer data recovery software to fit your needs.

Natalie Aranda writes about computer and IT training. Thomson NETg is one of a kind global learning Enterprise offering live online classrooms and a wide range of Integrated Learning solutions.

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When Do You Need to Use a Professional Data Recovery Service?
Friday, December 14, 2007

There are a number of data recovery software programs intended to help you when an emergency calls for data recovery, however it is important to determine when you can do the job by yourself, and when you need to use a professional data recovery service.

Data recovery is a time consuming process that most of the time requires some level of technical knowledge in order to keep the integrity of the destroyed data destroyed no matter what the cause. Hard drive data recovery, when performed the wrong way, can lead to permanent data loss and even damage the surface.

Therefore, when it comes to deciding on data recovery software or professional data recovery service, stop for a while and think about it twice. How much do you know about the recovery processes? Are your computer skills enough to perform the operation by yourself? Is the software comprehensible and easy to use? Are there any warranties of full data recovery?

To all those questions, add the most important: How critical is it for you or your business to recover the data that was lost?

Keep in mind that a professional service can recover all types of files, because they have the full versions of the most advanced data recovery software. Furthermore, they can also preview the files before recovering them so you will be provided with a data recovery from where you can choose which selected files to be retrieved or ask for all of them back.

Even when the hard drive data recovery is exposed to severe recovery situations, professional data recovery services can include additional support for over 300 specific file types and uncommon file types such as FLV and flash files, MIDI music files, digital media files, voice files, and many others.

Another service that professionals can offer and you probably will not be able to implement, except if you are an IT technician, is the emergency boot media, which allows you to recover data from systems that cannot boot Windows due to data loss, hard drive damage or virus attack.

Sometimes you can have the knowledge and skills, the data recovery software, but not the time. Professional services can perform the recovery because of time constraints, offering a solution for almost any hard drive situation or the critical nature of the data recovery.

Such hard drive data recovery solutions may include the most advanced data recovery software, including disk diagnostic and file repair, the best disk diagnostic tools, improved file type searching capabilities, and the confidence that your most important information is in good hands to be rescued.

Natalie Aranda writes about computer and information technology.

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The Solution To Finding Your Lost Files - Data Recovery Companies

When the worst happens to your computer and all your files disappear, never worry! There are a number of quality data recovery companies that are able to restore your critical files quickly and easily.

Instead of tearing out your hair over a stubborn computer that is holding that essential file hostage, let the worries slide away and send off your hard drive to a data recovery company. These companies work their magic and recover files of all sizes in a remarkably quick turn around time. This service is essential for any individual or business that has fallen onto hard times with their computer.

Most data recovery companies operate over the internet and occupy cyberspace as they would a store front. If you find yourself in need of a quality company to find your files, look no further than the World Wide Web.

A simple search of search engines will produce hundreds of quality companies eager to solve your every problem. Before you send off your hard drive, carefully evaluate the chosen company to ensure it is legitimate and reputable. Using an incorrect company may result in further headaches and a loss of money for services not rendered.

Upon your search for a data recovery company, investigate their capabilities and services. Choosing a company that will best serve your needs will ensure the greater success in the end. You may need to compare services versus charges for these data recovery companies.

The old adage, ?you get what you pay for? could not be truer when it comes to regaining your lost files. If you are taking the trouble to send off your hard drive in an attempt to reclaim critical files for business or personal reasons, then you should be prepared to spend the appropriate amount of money to get the job done. However, just because one data recovery is more expensive than another one does not mean the pricier company is more successful.

When choosing a data recovery company to reclaim your files, consider contacting individuals who has used their services in the past. This recommendation to use or to avoid the company may be an excellent method to choosing a company.

Also, contact the company directly and explain your specific situation. A representative for the company will be able to discuss the possibility of the recovery of your files and the estimated cost of their services. You should be sure to inquire the expense if the company is unable to recover the lost files. Many companies offer to return your hard drive without charging for their services if they are unable to deliver your compromised files.

Whichever data recovery company you entrust to regain your lost files, be sure to keep the company?s contact information if you are pleased with the services rendered. Having this resource can be invaluable if a similar fate befalls your files in the future and you need a reputable source to recover these files as quickly as possible. If you are pleased with the data recovery company, be sure to tell other individuals in your predicament.

For more information on Data Recovery, visit

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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery is the method of recovering data from hard drives when it cannot be accessed in the normal manner. This failure to access the hard drive could be caused due to logical damage to the file system or any physical damage that had occurred to the storage device, thereby preventing it from being mounted by the host operating system.

The physical damage to a hard drive could occur due to several mechanical failures such as failed motors or head crashes. The physical damage of a hard drive can always lead to some data loss and in many cases this can also results in damage to the logical structures of the file system. In fact, logical damages to a file system are more common than physical damage. This includes damages caused by power outages, which prevents file system structures from being completely written to the hard drive, system crashes, and problems with hardware (particularly RAID controllers).

Most physical damage to hard drives cannot be repaired by end users. For instance, opening a hard drive in a normal environment can cause dust to settle on the surface, resulting in further damage to the platters. Mind you, normal computer users may not have enough technical experience to make type of repairs. This is where hard drive data recovery companies play a major role in helping the end user to recover their valuable data from a damaged hard drive. Almost all these hard drive data recovery firms use Class 100 clean room facilities to protect your hard drive while repairing, and use the latest tools such as magnetometers to retrieve the lost bits from the magnetic media. The extracted raw bits retrieved from the damaged disk are used to rebuild a disk image, which can then be mounted to have its logical damage repaired.

Nowadays, there are several companies which offer hard drive data recovery software programs which help the end users to recover all their important files or folders lost after an accidental format, partition loss, software malfunction, file or directory deletion, or virus crash. Whether your computer crashes or you accidentally delete the files, hard drive data recovery software helps you to locate, recover and restore lost information from your disk.

Some of the main contexts where hard drive data recovery software could save one from the blues include a formatted drive, deleted file or directory, missing file or directory, drive not booting, inaccessible drive, support copying of system locked files like registry hives, damaged or corrupted partition table, recovery of deleted files and folders on FAT and NTFS hard drive or partitions, retrieve compressed files from NTFS partitions, data recovery on damaged FAT and NTFS partitions, and formatted hard drives.

Most of the hard drive data recovery software programs available in the market are easy to install and use and are virtually self maintaining. It is highly recommended to use any of the popular hard drive data recovery software in your computer along with other programs. The program frequently creates backup copies of all your files so that you need not have to worry of any potential unexpected data loss.

It is better to prevent and prepare than repent and repair later. Check for additional resources on hard drives.

Mac McClellan is the webmaster for Hard Drive USA, a useful site for information and resources on hard drives.

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Data Recovery Methods
Friday, December 7, 2007

Sometimes, due to unforeseen occurrences, it may become necessary to recover information from your hard drive. For instance, you computer may encounter problems and you need to recover documents. In many cases such data retrieval is quite possible. So, how exactly does data recovery work?

Specialists in data recovery will take your hard drive and evaluate it. Skilled technicians will determine how much information can actually be retrieved from your hard drive and what will be necessary to retrieve the lost data. Once this evaluation is complete; the data recovery provider will advise you what needs to be done to retrieve your data and how much the work will cost you.

Lost data can be recovered successfully about 80 percent of the time. Bear in mind however, that the evaluation process can take several days to weeks, and it may or may not prove successful in determining what the problem with the computer is. Then, if you should decide to give the data recovery provider the go ahead, they will clone the system and begin attempting to retrieve the data that is on your hard drive. Laptops and notebooks can also have data recovered from them. Despite the fact that the procedures for doing so are different than those used on standard computers, data can still be recovered from these mini-computers. In essence, the primary difference is that these computers require smaller tools in order to recover the data on them because they are so much smaller. Specialists do not require your entire computer to recover your data. Rather, you can simply ship your hard drive to them and they will retrieve the data from it.

Nevertheless, as a hard drive is a sensitive piece of equipment it, needs to be shipped very carefully. The drive will have to be wrapped in material that will not produce static and you should avoid the use of Styrofoam peanuts at all costs - they create a significant amount of static and static can destroy a hard drive.

There are also some other things to be aware of if you want to attempt data recovery. For instance, if you hard drive is exposed to water, you should be quite careful when shipping it. It is advised that data can be retrieved better before the hard drive dries out, therefore it is suggested that you ship it with a damp cloth in a plastic bag to ensure that it stays wet until it can be evaluated. Finally, when you do ship your hard drive to a data recovery provider, be sure to place it in a cardboard box, wrapped in bubble wrap, where it will have very little room to move around.

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Data Recovery

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Data Recovery Tips

The worst thing about any emergency is that it messes up our daily routine and throws us into a state of confusion and we really can never rule out emergencies from our lives, life is full of surprises; some good, some bad. What makes the difference is how readily prepared we are for such eventualities.

One of the most fatal emergencies most people are never really ready to accept is a problem with personal or business computers, as this most often results in vital data loss, and a data recovery system is probably the last thing on anyone's mind when they buy a computer. Most of us never think something will go wrong until it's too late. Data recovery or Disc Recovery services are things we hope we will ever have the need for.

There are several situations that can cause problems with your computer. Your computer could be running slowly or be loaded with powerful spyware that can destroy files, transmit personal data or, even worse, cause the computer to crash. A power surge, an electric storm, fires, floods, mechanical failure, user error and many other things can happen without any advance warning and that could be all it takes to lose all the information you cherish in your computer.

Data loss can be devastating. It could instantly take a small or medium size business from "Open for Business" to "Out of Business" in an instant. On a personal level, it can wipe away weeks, months and even years of critical data where there is no means of accessing or recreating this valuable information. Besides the situation of a complete computer crash, you could also accidentally delete important software or programs. Whether your computer completely crashes or you accidentally deleted software that is important or imperative to you, it may seem that your information is lost for good. If you have quality data recovery systems in place on your computer, you should feel confident in the fact that there is a backup. Whether you own your own business or work for someone or you just use your computer for keeping vital personal information, you'll find that data protection is one of the smartest and safest approaches you can take to ensure the profitability and livelihood of your business. When dealing with data recovery and protection it is vital you remain calm and assess whether you are dealing with a hard drive or other issue. Fortunately no matter how dire the situation you can usually follow some easy steps to ensure maximum data recovery in the event of a computer crash. Here are some tips to follow to prevent a complete disaster from occurring.

First, always back up your data routinely. This is virtually the most important step in data recovery. If you can get an automatic program to do it for you, the better. You could also ensure you have "Backups of your Backups." It is good to always keep a current backup offsite for absolute worst case scenarios.

Anytime you hear strange noises from your computer, such as a clunking noise when you power up your computer, immediately turn your computer off.

If you have to leave your home for a long period of time, say, going on vacation, always make backups of critical data, verify that all electronics are plugged into UPS (as they should be) power down and unplug from A.C. if possible. (Including telephone and modem lines.). You never can foretell a sudden power surge, electrical storm, fire or anything similar that could destroy your computer data. We never really expect things like this, but you won't be forewarned, especially when you are not at home to handle the emergency.

It's not a good idea to attempt any form of data recovery on your own unless you are a specialist. Messing with the hard drive or other parameters of your computer can exacerbate any data losses you may have already experienced.

Here is the good news, never assume the worst. In most cases data is recoverable even under the worst conditions like if your computer was swallowed by a flood and fully saturated.

Finally, whatever happens with your computer and vital data, never give room for fear or panic. Think optimistically and get your computer to a repair technician as soon as possible, chances are your data will be salvageable and safe.

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Data Recovery

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