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Don't Wait! Successful File Recovery Must Be Done ASAP
Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your missing data must be brought back as soon as possible. Obviously, a fast recovery is just plain convenient, if the missing data is needed soon. However, there is more to it than that. Whenever you download or install anything on your computer, browse the internet, sort files and folders, or create new data, the files you need are nearer to becoming written over and annihilated. The same applies to iPods and any peripheral device.

To learn why, it's vital to have a grasp on how your system records and removes data. Every time you place data on your PC, such as a song, the data that forms the song is saved on your hard disk. Likewise, your PC makes files and icons for you to access the data. Even though your PC saves the song as complex technical data, you just see an icon and newsong.mp3 (and of course, hear the music). This is true for all kinds of files - mp3, text files, PowerPoint files -all of these are stored as digital information, then converted and transformed to an icon that you can simply click.

This is how your files are saved to the hard drive and used, but what about deleted files?

When a file is removed, the file icon is no longer be there, and the file can't be used. This makes sense. What is the point of removing data if it stuck around? In fact, this is just what happens - the deleted file sticks around. When you erase a file, you delete its icon, filename, folder, and all ability to access it. But, the file information is still on your PC, concealed on the HD.

Your computer does its best to ignore the deleted file information. It pretends that it does not exist, and will use that space for new information as required. So, the deleted file will remain tucked away on your hard drive (or memory card) until you place new data on top of it. When new file information is put on your system, there must be room for it. The new data might just go over top of the information you need. After a file is overwritten, the file you want is gone forever.

Accordingly, you must not dawdle in restoring your data.

There's no way to say if or when you file will be saved over top of. Each time you get new software, or even copy a file, the looming risk of your deleted file being permanently removed is increased. It could be be due to happen any minute. The speedier you download a recovery program and hunt for your erased files, the better.

Need to bring back erased files? Check out Emergency File Recover for more articles, tips, and downloads to recover deleted files.

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