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MYSQL Database Back Up And Recovery
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do you know that many of the scripts that help us to run our business or websites use MYSQL databases to store their information.

For instance many people use Auto responders to help with collecting and delivering information.

Scripts that produce one time offers, promotion offers, coupons etc all use mysql to store their information.

Mail merge programs often use mysql database to store information.

Wordpress the blog building software that lots of people use to write their blogs uses mysql to store this information.

What a lot of these users don?t know is that if they have not backed up their mysql database, then they could lose all their data, this would mean that if they had not backed up their database, they could lose all their customers information, all the email addresses that their auto responder stores in the mysql database.

Any and all information that is collated by the many scripts that run on websites could be lost and the scripts could stop working, all because they did not back up their database. now how you might ask do I know so much about this?

Well I can tell you from first hand experience that losing your database because your server has crashed and lost or scrambled your database can be very expensive, time consuming and frustrating.

Yes It happened to me, I did not back up my database,

My server crashed and like you I assumed that my provider would have backed everything up.

But NO they don?t, some do, but lots simply leave it to their customers.

So what can be done, well you could go into all your databases, everyday or maybe weekly and back up your database, If of course you know how to access your database with phpadmin and you know how to back up your database, and you all so know how to restore it should you need to??

Or you could use a simple easy to use software that will back up each and every database you have daily, and at the press of a button restore your database for you.

Sounds good, where do you find an expensive bit of software to do that for you?

Well I was so shocked at losing my data, I took the time and trouble to find a software that will do just that, but at a very low cost, yes that?s right low cost, my database backup generator software will do all that for you and at low cost, check out it out today at read my own sorry story, check out my video that shows just how easy it is to use and you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable my database backup generator really is.

Ian Levings
Ian Levings is the webmaster for several succesfull websites,
Has spent the last 6yrs learning about Internet marketing, and all the pitfalls along the way.
He is the webmaster at the following

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