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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, No, I deleted my everything !

Hard Drive Recovery and the recovery of apparently lost files and date can often be restored with some simple know hows or data recovery software. What a great world we live in.

Computers are one of the best tools that has come into the hands of man since the convenience of toilet paper. Your computer offers you the ability to store all your valuable files and data in one convenient place and in most cases makes it portable.

But in the event of a Hard Drive Crash or the the loss of important or valued data, files, pictures, movies etc., that wonderful computer turns into an expensive paper weight taking up space on your desk or kitchen table.

Sometimes we tend to convince ourselves that our lost or deleted files are gone forever and that hours or weeks of work to replace them is required. But in many cases lost files and data, even a Hard Disk Recovery can be done in moments.

Lost or deleted files can be located and recovered. Often you may just find it sitting in your trash. To recover it, simply click and drag it onto your computer desktop. If you would like to replace it back into it's original place or folder simply right click it and choose that.

On occasion, you start up your computer and can't find that file you worked on so hard. Before you start yelling out to your spouse or children a simple search of files on your computer may bring it up. Often we quickly save our files not noticing where our computer decided to save them to. Often they are in a folder we have not thought of. To find that file click on "Start" and use your search function there. Type in part or all of the name of your file and you may just find it !

In the event that you or someone has accidentally deleted your wanted file or data then all is not lost. Data recovery software will search your computer and restore it for you. Imagine a file being like a painting. It is painted over white ready for next use, but the painting, or in this case the data, is still there underneath. You just need to remove the white paint. Data recovery software does the job for you. It scans your computer for recoverable items and asks you if you want to recover any or all of them.

You may be surprised what you find !

Hard Drive Recovery Tools are also available. When your computer starts choking on memory, freezing, crashing to a halt or re-starting itself or you hear strange noises coming from your hard drive then a crash may well be on the way. You'll probably start seeing serious looking error messages, note these done before you click them away.

In most cases free computer support is available. Click your "Start" button, then right click on "My Computer" then choose "Properties" then "Support". It should show you a phone number and times to ring for free computer support. Support will walk you through steps to rectify your problems but may end-up recommending you completely recover your computer losing all files on your "C Drive". Effectively your computer returns to the day you brought it home from the shop.

The good news is that a full recovery of your computer doesn't involve your "D Drive" so placing important and large files there is good advise. It also frees up your "C Drive" which does most of your work and the all the complaining within your computer.

To prevent hard drive crashes and the need for hard drive recovery we are always warned to back-up our files. Unfortunately we often don't or not as often as we should do. Hard drive recovery experts are somewhat available at a cost, but nowadays the simple use of Hard Drive Recovery Software is, luckilyArticle Search, at our finger tips.

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